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Postcards Catalogue

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Item No

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Crocodile Crocodylus porosus
A large and extremely dangerous reptile of northern Australian coastal rivers and swamps. Lens 200 mm


Brush-tailed Possum Trichosurus vulpecula
A female, carrying her young on her back, warns another possum not to approach too close. Brush-tail possums, on Kangaroo Island, spend much of their time foraging at night on the ground, often in open farming land, as they have only domestic dogs as predators.


Pelican, landing Pelecanus conspicillatus
A pelican settles as it lands in a sheltered bay. Found right across Australia. The 'flying boat' of Australian birds.


Pelican, flock Pelecanus conspicillatus
Pelicans often hunt co-operatively by surrounding small schools of fish and thrusting their beaks beneath the surface simultaneously. They are magnificent to watch as they ride thermals to great heights, often before setting off on great overland flights.


Koala Phascolarctos cinereus out of stock
Perched high in a manna gum, this unique Australian marsupial is very susceptible to bushfire. However the trees on which they feed regenerate quickly and koalas from adjoining areas generally repopulate bunt out areas. The koala has caused the death of thousands of trees, on Kangaroo Island, where the animals were introduced unnecessarily. Lens 16 mm.


Australian Sea-lion Neophoca cinerea
A female, has just returned from the Southern Ocean, and is greeted by her pup in a rock pool. Lens 300 mm


Bent-winged Bat Miniopterus schreibersii
Two bats circle the entrance to their cave before flying out to hunt for insects in the evening. Lens 55 mm


Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo Calyptorhynchus funereus
The yellow-tailed cockatoo is often seen in large flocks and feeds on the seeds of a range of native trees and shrubs. They have adapted well to some introduced pines, particularly the Aleppo and radiata pines, whose seeds they spread throughout areas of native bush.
Lens 300 mm.


Australian Magpie & Young Gymnorhina tibicen
Out of stock
On a golden morning a female magpie has just fed her brood with a beak full of small wolf spiders collected as she walked back towards the nest after furiously chasing away a maraud ring raven
Lens 80 mm


Western Grey Kangaroo Macropus fulignosis fulignosis
Out of stock
A young kangaroo moves effortlessly down a slope against the backdrop of Snelling's Beach on Kangaroo Island. Lens 300 mm.


Wedge-Tailed Eagle Aquila audax
'Out of the sky', after days of waiting in a hide, comes a wedge-tailed eagle. The bird concentrates on its landing spot as the photograph is taken but is gone in a flash as soon as it hears the camera shutter!
Lens 35 mm.




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