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Postcards Catalogue

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Item No

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Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo Cacatua galerita
“Till death us do part”
A pair of cockatoos preen near their nest hollow in an old pink gum. Lens 300 mm.


Eastern Rosella Platycercus eximus
A colourful parrot found in south eastern Australia
Lens 200 mm.


White-bellied Sea-eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster
The sea-eagle, with wings spread in soaring flight is a spectacular sight
On much of Australia's coastline. Lens 24 mm.


Galahs ‘beak to beak’ Eolophus rosiecapillus
a pair of galahs touch bills high in a dead gum tree during an early morning preening session. Lens 200 mm.


Caspian tern
Hydroprogne caspia
A Caspian tern is pursued by a little tern that has a nest nearby.
Lens 300 mm.


Bilby & young
Macrotis lagotis
Once found over three quarters of the Australian continent, but now is confined to areas of northern and central Australia. The bilby disappeared from much of its original range within a short time of the invasion by feral rabbits. Threatened species Lens 55 mm.


Ghost bat in flight
Macroderma gigas

the ghost bat is Australia's only carnivorous bat. Vulnerable species
Lens 55 mm


Glossy Black-cockatoo- Calyptorhynchus lathami
The Kangaroo Island population of this species in endangered due to the destruction of its natural habitat. Most of its food consists of the seeds of casuarina trees, which grow on good farming soils. Possums eat its eggs and chicks and the hollow trees in which it nests make ideal hives for the introduced honeybee.


Yellow-footed rock-wallaby Petrogale xanthopus
this beautiful animal is a wonderful sight on high, rocky hillsides in the Flinders Ranges, where it is increasing in numbers due to management of feral rabbits, goats and foxes. Threatened species. Lens 300 mm


Wedge-tailed eagle and prey Aquila audax
A young ‘blond’ headed eagle, at four years of age, is well experienced and a bold hunter in its own right. It stands defiant, in full threat display as other eagles approach from the the air to share its kill.


Black swan Cygnus atratus
A most endearing sight to see. A cygnet rides among the feathers on its parents back. This bird is widely distributed across Australia and is the only predominantly black swan in the world.




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