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Item No

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Little corella
Cacatua pastinator
The sight of a large brown snake swimming ashore in a creek below its nesting tree triggered this threat display. I had no idea of the snakes presence until the bird’s warning. Lens 200 mm


Peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus
In hot pursuit of a feral pigeon. The pigeon escaped as it knew its territory very well. Racing pigeons are often at a great disadvantage as they wing their way through strange territory and resident peregrines occasionally will kill one. Most of the peregrine’s prey is smaller and easier to catch. Lens 300 mm


Australian magpie babies Gymnorhina tibicen
Young magpies at feeding time. Not long after this time the young leave the nest, often well before they can fly. Many people pick them up at this time and ‘hand rear’ them. They should be left alone. Lock up the cat. Lens 55mm


Galahs in flight Eolophus rosiecapillus
A small flock landing in treetops. Often seen in large flocks in inland and farming areas of Australia. Lens 500 mm.


Brolgas at sunset Grus rubicundus
A pair photographed in flight above an inland creek at sunset.
Lens 80 mm.


Black duck & babies
Very wary in the wild. I had to camp out in a hide over night to get close to this duck and her young. Lens 200mm


Yellow-footed rock-wallaby Petrogale xanthopus
A very agile of wallaby found in the Flinders Ranges and inland areas of NSW and Qld. The wedge-tailed eagle soars above the wallabies habitat, always on the lookout for the young, sick or injured animals and birds. Threatened species. Lens 200 mm


Sulphur-crested cockatoo in flight Cacatua galerita
Like three frames from a movie, three birds are caught in action as they fly. Lens 300 mm.


Musk lorikeet
Glossopsitta concinna

Found in coastal southeastern Australia and Tasmania. Flocks of
these fast-flying lorikeets gather sometimes in large numbers in flowering trees and shrubs Lens 100 mm micro.


Tammar wallaby Macropus eugenii
Abundant on Kangaroo Island and some offshore islands in South and western Australia. Once widespread but now rare in southern mainland coastal areas. Lens 300 mm.

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