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Birds of prey


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Item No

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BOP 0037

Australian Hobby
In the late afternoon, a young male watches as his two sisters chase a galah around the treetops as part of their hunting practice. The galah retaliated and pursued one of the falcons for a time.
Lens 500 mm.

BOP 0021

Barn owl
A wild barn owl brings a freshly caught starling fledgling to its nest. Double exposure. Lens 100 mm.

BOP 0038

Grey falcon
A wild, young female, grey falcon photographed in semi desert country.
Lens 300 mm.

BOP 0425

Young kestrels greet their parent as he arrives with food. Moments before they sat quietly. Only one of the young birds was able to feed from the prey so there was quite a scuffle.

BOP 0023

A wild osprey demonstrates its hunting position when it dives headlong into the sea to catch a fish. The feet swing out in front of its eyes and the wings are swept back allowing it to penetrate well beneath the surface.
Lens 16 mm.

BOP 0002

A wild female peregrine falcon swoops in to land above my head. I avoid working near nests and usually set up a hide near favourite hunting perches. Lens 55 mm.